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Wedding Photography Omaha - Omaha Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Omaha NE - Event Photography Omaha- Omaha Wedding Photographers - Portrait Photographer Omaha

Are you in need of a wedding photography Omaha photographer? Whether you are planning for a wedding ceremony that have a part of less than 25 people, large wedding with family and close friends or a courthouse wedding.

Beauty Photography Pro will capture the moments for you with beauty and creativity. Get your photographs captured by one of the most creative Omaha wedding photographers in the Omaha-Lincoln area Kenal Louis.

Wedding Photography Omaha NE | Omaha Wedding Photographers

Omaha Photographers
Omaha Wedding Photographers
Photography by Kenal Louis
Wedding Photography Omaha - Event Photography - Portrait Photography

Wedding Photography Omaha - Professional Photographers Omaha NE - Portrait Photographer Omaha

"Allow me to capture you or your event and you'll have photographs that will forever be memorable. You will have captivating, beautiful, quality, and professional photos that you will treasure for years to come."

Omaha Photographers | Omaha Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography

Omaha Wedding Photographers

Omaha Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography Omaha | Professional Photographers Omaha NE

Book A Wedding And Get a Free engagement photo Session

Get a FREE on-location photo session when you book a wedding prior to the day of the event. As an ice-breaker and bonus for choosing Beauty Photography Pro you get some great couple photos prior to the actual wedding photos. This is a limited time offer for the Omaha areas only.


Omaha Wedding Photographer - Event Photographer Omaha

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Beauty Photography Pro was created to be a beauty, fashion, and event photography service company. The website also features a diverse collection of my photography portfolio and is a reflection of my body of work as a professional photographer.

As you navigate through the website you will find a range of the type of photography I've done throughout the years. Photographs ranging from editorial beauty, wedding and portrait photography to various forms of event photography.

I am very passionate about art, photography, and design. Working as a creative photographer for years, I have developed a unique vision for capturing beauty, fashion, and people in general.

My creative ability to paint, draw, and vision for great composition has allowed me to be able to create some beautiful photography. Photography that I myself love to showcase and have often had some past clients often tell me is their favorite photo ever.

Wedding Photography Omaha NE | Portrait & Event Photographer Omaha

Looking for Omaha wedding photographers? Among the best professional photographers  you will find for portrait, event, and wedding photography Omaha have to offer.

The Photographer

Kenal Louis

Event Photographer Omaha

Event Photographer Omaha

As a  creative photographer I always aim to create the best work I possibly can. Whether I am taking a portrait or shooting an elaborate fashion concept. I am always challenging myself to capture the best work I've ever done.

Engagement Photos Omaha NE

Engagement Photos Omaha NE - Couples Photography Omaha - Omaha Engagement Photographers

Engagement Photos Omaha NE - Professional Photographers Omaha NE

Wedding Photography Omaha NE | Omaha Wedding Photographer | Event Photographer Omaha | Portrait Photographer Omaha  | Beauty Photography Pro by Kenal Louis. Event photography and beauty portrait photography services.

Aside from doing primarily event and wedding photography for clients, I also provide the following top photography services: beauty and fashion. However, I am not limited to only these forms of photography. I also do headshot, product, commercial, lifestyle and family portraits photography. Aside from the different types of photography that I capture, I also do professional photo retouching and photo collage designs.

Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography

Beauty Portrait Photography Service

The first type of photography that stole my heart was beauty photography. While taking an introductory course at a local college for digital and film photography I fell in love with the idea of capturing beauty.

I made it a personal goal to become good at capturing beauty throughout the years. In essence beauty photography is primarily more for the makeup/hair/skin care industry.

Clients looking for beauty photography services are more than often looking to showcase a product that they want to present as appealing.

Editorial Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Editorial Fashion Photography Service

It was at Omaha Fashion Week I got my first taste of what the fashion industry is like and what it took to cover fashion shows.

After shooting the fashion event for about 3-4 years I took a long extended break from covering it. During that time I also interviewed fashion designers and jewelry and featured them on my old blog.

Since then I've collaborated with many models, hairstylists, fashion designers, and makeup artists to create stunning editorial photos.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Omaha

Omaha Wedding Photographer Service

Everyone goes into weddings with the aspiration that it will be a once in a lifetime moment in their life.

Being able to do wedding photography is one of the greatest honors I believe a photographer can receive from someone.

A lot of trust is bestowed when hiring a photographer in the hope that they'll be punctual, capture the event well, be detailed and put their best foot forward the day of the wedding.

I take the task of wedding photography very seriously and put all of my focus into the day of the event.

Portrait Photographer Omaha

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photographer Omaha  | Senior Pictures Omaha

I'm certain you've heard someone say "take a picture of my good side". To an extent, they might be right. Although some individuals are naturally more photogenic than others I believe angles make the biggest differences when photographing people.

When I first starting shooting portraits of people and saw other photographers works of them most of the time felt like they weren't done justice.

I always believed I could capture them at a better angle or capture their essence and beauty even more. Yes, everyone has an angle that they are photographed the best. This is always my goal when I take portraits of individuals.

Event Photographer Omaha

Live Event Photography | Private Event Photographer

Special Event Photographer Service | Event Photographer Omaha

Whether it's for a live event like a band concert, quinceanera, sweet 16 or a private party for a special occasion like a baby shower, I've been fortunate enough to cover a wide range of events.

I'm always grateful to the people who believed in my skill and vision as a photographer enough to want me to be the person to capture visual memories for them.

Events are often fun new experiences and each one differs from the other.

Portraits and Family Photos Omaha

Family Portraits Photography

Family Portraits Omaha NE | Family Pictures Omaha

Family portraits are passed on for generations and are the most cherished possessions in some households. They also boost self-esteem and are also fun memories. 

Growing up I had a few photos with my parents and my siblings that I will never forget. In fact, whenever I randomly come across them or out of the blue look through old family albums I become a bit nostalgic with childhood memories.

Family portraits also become family heirlooms and valuable memories to be shared for decades to come.

Event Photographer Omaha | Omaha Wedding Photographers | Omaha Photographers

Design Photography Collage | Photomontage Photography

Over the years while I also worked learned and worked as a graphic designer, I developed a unique ability to create photomontage photography designs. I operated a blog, which featured musicians for music reviews and would use the same technique to create captivating visual images to contribute to promoting their music. Aside from creating captivating photography photo design and photomontage is another specialty of mine.

Past Published Photography | Fashion Editorial Spreads

Fashion Editorial Photography Spread - Model Feature Tia Maria/Tia Dawson

Fashion Editorial Photography Spread - Model Feature Tia Maria/Tia Dawson

Editorial Photography Feature - Geisha Makeup & Hair by Omar Rodriguez

Editorial Photography Feature - Geisha Makeup & Hair by Omar Rodriguez

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Are You Looking To Hire An Event Photographer? Why Hire A Creative Photographer?

A creative photographer will capture moments the average person not trained to capture will most likely miss. Creative photographers capture stunning photographs you may have never thought of were present your wedding or event.

Some of the most beautiful photographs featured in big publications are creative photos that spoke to the editors. Editors and publishers in every industry filter out low quality; from the Wedding Essential, The Knot, and Vogue down to the local magazine. They value quality and creatively well capture photographs.

Why You Should Hire Me For Your Event or Portrait?

There is nothing new underneath the sun. I truly believe in this saying, but there is constant innovation in our way of thinking as human beings. I push myself to always be innovative and pride myself on being creative a thinker.

12 Reasons Why I Am The Photographer For You

  1. Punctual! I show up early. "Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and late is Unacceptable!"
  2. I think outside the box.
  3. Believe in quality over quantity.
  4. I am an experienced artist and capture photos creatively as a photographer.
  5. Organization and preparation allow me to succeed at what I do.
  6. My name as well as reputation is important to me! If I have any doubt in my mind that I cannot deliver after our first consultation call, I will turn down the task.
  7. I believe in constantly developing my creative skills.
  8. Reliable: Responsibility and taking ownership is something I also believe in as a person.
  9. I am an expert at composition, framing, and perspective.
  10. Lighting is important to me. After all, the foundation of photography is based on capturing light.
  11. I am a quick thinker and pick up things fairly quickly.
  12. Outgoing: As a photographer who enjoys capturing photos of people and events. I have to be positive, joyful, and not standoffish. This makes for a great experience for the people I am shooting as well as myself as an interactive photographer.
Photographer Omaha - Omaha Wedding Photography

Below are a list of some of my creative skills I've developed and become proficient at over the years. All of these other creative skills contribute to my photography skill set.

Creative Skills

  • Digital Painting
  • Drawing
  • Traditional Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photo Retouching
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3 Examples My Other Creative Skills

Creative Skills

Creative Skills: Graphic Design - Digital Painting - Drawing

Beauty Photography Pro | Photography Portfolio by Kenal Louis

Visit the photography portfolio on Beauty Photography Pro to views a selection of my body of work as a professional photographer. After viewing the portfolio, feel free to visit the services page if you haven't already for the list of photography services currently provide as well as photography prices.

Omaha Wedding Photographers |  Professional Photographers Omaha NE

Photographer For Hire | Event Photography Omaha

Hire a photographer who can creatively capture your event or the accent the beauty in you! After browsing through the services page to view my prices and photography packages offered call me to book a date or email me for any further questions not answered on the website's FAQ page

How We Can Meet In Person

I am available to meet a local tea or coffee shop in Omaha if you want to meet in person. If you are outside of Omaha or I am outside of the city you reside in, I am available to do a video conference call with you to discuss your event or event details. 

Contact Details

To meet in person or schedule a video call because you want to see my beautiful face 🙂  Send me an email via the address listed below or call me today. 

Phone number:

Days: Monday - Saturday
Hours: 9 AM -6 PM CST

Days: Sunday
Hours: 10 AM -4 PM CST

Email Address:

Nearby Photography service Cities

I am open to traveling for on-location shoots outside of Omaha. However, traveling fees are not included in photography services pricing listed on Beauty Photography Pro.

Primary Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Travel To Shoot Radius: 60 Miles
  • Papillion, NE
  • Blair, NE
  • Bellevue, NE
  • Ralston, NE
  • Elkhorn, NE
  • Bennington, NE
  • Fort Calhoun, NE
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  • & More
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