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April 6, 2019

Colorful Makeup Photography - Beauty Photography
Capturing Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography PHOTOSHOOT | Beautiful Vibrant Colorful Makeup Looks

Looking for beauty photography photoshoot examples or colorful makeup looks to try for a shoot concept? The following photographs are photos I captured in Omaha a little while back. Capturing these beautiful looks could only have been possible because of the team I had the opportunity to work with. Towards the bottom of the page you will find a link to their Instagram profiles.

The First of The Beauty Photography Photoshoot

This shot is my favorite one captured from the photoshoot because of the angle, gaze, lighting, and gesture. 

Beauty Photography Photoshoot

1st Capture - Beauty Photography Photoshoot - Model: Ellie Krupicka

In Beauty Photography Having A Creative Vision Is Important

I have a unique vision to capture beauty in individuals and for great art composition. It is my belief that every person can photograph well.

Now initially not everyone is photographed well but as a photographer or has that photogenic persona to them, it is part of my duty to be a director when shooting with people or models.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say "oh take my best side." To an extent there is a lot of truth to this but the individual themselves don’t always know their best side for the best angle.

With the role as a director while shooting with someone I have to be able to communicate with them that they need to lift their chin up a certain amount or rotate their head to a certain side more.

By being directive and paying attention to the slightest angles in combination with awareness of the lighting condition around the subject, I've been fortunate to capture some beautiful photographs that people just love.

Custom Jewelry Photography
Makeup Jewelry Photography

Combining Art Experience and Photography Experience

With my experience as a photographer and a visual artist I can say that I’ve mastered composition humbly: What makes a great photo is not only great equipment, it is the person taking the pictures.

As a painter, drawer, and person with years experience also painting I've been able to enhance my photography perspective a lot. What I learned throughout the years as a traditional visual artist as translates and can be seen in my photography.

Who You Decide To Shoot With Matters

Putting Together a Team for Shoots Produces the Best Photography

Planning to collaborate with a team of individuals to create remarkable pictures takes a lot of energy. Aside from energy, it requires a lot of focus, experience, and a willing group of individuals willing to give their best for a combined vision as well as a goal.

Having the right makeup artist, hairstylist, model, and designer/stylist is truly important. Without them whatever I would shoot wit just a stand-alone model would not be as a great. Shooting with a team keep you on your toes and push you to be on your A-game and to perform better as a photographer. 

Aside from the energy, time, and effort, it takes to organize as well as plan a shoot. I am beyond in love with the process down to the final hours of photo-retouching.

In my journey doing photography while collaborating with others to bring creative visions to life, I got to see the result of a collection of unique minds.

Whatever great images I may have captured in the past from fashion and beauty photography shoots were a result of the fine team that I had.

Colorful Makeup - Beauty Photography Portrait - Model:  Cassandra Marie
Colorful Makeup Beauty Portraits

 Colorful Makeup - Beauty Photography Photoshoot - Model:  Cassandra Marie

Colorful beauty photography

Selecting The Colors For This Beauty Shoot

As a person who also creates visual art through painting and digital illustration, I have a good sense of what colors work really well together. Sometimes complementary colors can be Conflicting. An example is the colors green and red.

The two colors are extremely tough to combine without making them look to Christmas or holiday-ish. Even with purple and yellow the hue and saturation levels have to be just right.

Cyan Yellow Magenta Color Combination

I chose a cyan sky blue and golden yellow backdrop for the shoot, which would prove to be experimental. I did not want to use black or white or a gray background photo shoot.

The goal personally was that I wanted to create something I had not done before in my portfolio. I also know the models and the team that I was working with hadn’t quite done anything like this.

All in all, after shooting the images and spending hours editing and retouching the top selected photographs I was pleased with the outcome.

What I Missed During The Shoot 

One of the things I wish I had captured more of during the shoot or micro Beauty photography shots. Detail charts highlighting the makeup and jewelry at more angles and much closer cropped.

Come to think of it, it was because I didn't have a micro/macro lens. However, the outcome was still satisfying and still stands out among the work that I’ve done capturing beauty while living in Omaha.

Beauty Photography Makeup

The goal with my beauty photography as a photographer 

Ultimately shooting for hair and beauty salons, Jewelry designers and even fashion Accessory brands is one of the goals.

I am always actively looking to shoot portraits and capture events like weddings through other forms of photography that I do.

Below will be a few links to some of the participating members of the beauty shoot team. Do you also find the jewelry designers Instagram link if interested in seeing what more jewelry she creates? All of her pieces are one of a kind jewelry and handmade.

If you are in need of a beauty photographer to capture something creative for your brand feel free to send me a message inquiry. Looking for photographers to feature on your fashion or beauty blog? Reach out to me regarding featuring these images or for another editorial photoshoot.

Models:  Ellie Krupicka and  Cassandra Marie
Makeup by AJ Torres -
The Brow Bee
Hair Styled by
Rachel Irika
Jewelry by
Cheryl Martin
Photos captured by Beauty Photography Pro

Photographer Kenal Louis

Beauty Portrait Photography | Photographer Kenal Louis
Beauty Portrait Photography

Beauty Portrait Photography



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