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October 15, 2019

Engagement Photos Photographer
Engagement Photography Omaha | Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photography Omaha | Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photography Omaha - Engagement Photos Boris & PHEBEE

Looking for an Engagement photography Omaha photographer? Well, you've found a creative photographer who is pretty good at capturing people. The following photos are from my shoot with a couple I captured before their wedding and nuptial event. 

When I first started my journey into photography in 2012 I knew right off the bat that I wanted to shoot with people. I knew then that capturing individuals would be the thing I enjoyed the most from the various forms and niches in photography.

My introduction to film and digital photography instructors at the time had given us tasks as students to find photographers who inspired us and also to choose a niche to shoot projects in.

Portrait Photography vs. Fashion Photography

Living in Omaha, Nebraska fashion photography is not as huge of a craze or big of a deal as it is in big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, but that was the first type of photography that I wanted to delve into. Second to that is a very closely related niche which has been around since the beginning of photography is portrait photography.

Engagement Photos Omaha | Engagement Photographer In Omaha
Engagement Photos Omaha

Engagement Photos Omaha

Couples Engagement Shoot - Shooting with Boris and Phoebe

Before shooting with the two I primarily dealt with Phebee with coordinating the photoshoot. She had already in mind the location as well as the tire that she wanted to shoot with Boris In. Which was a very formal look, but it fits with the location that we were shooting.

Shooting indoors was the best location at the time of the show because it was in between Summer and Fall. The weather was still quite intense with heat and we decided to stick to shooting the majority of the photographs indoors. 

Capturing the photos were effortless because of the energy we had and the two were not camera shy. Which, believe it or not, can I have a slight negative impact on the outcome of the photographs if an individual is not 100% committed to enjoying the process of shooting and being in front of the camera.

The following are the results of the shoot together. These were the best shots from the collection of photos that we narrowed down to for editing. Take a look into the collection of photographs and if you like what you see get in touch with me to discuss your engagement shoot idea.

Engagement Photography Omaha NE

Engagement Sessions

When doing engagement sessions for engagement photos planning is always a great idea on both sides. As a photographer, I plan ahead of the shoots I have scheduled the best I can for all of the technical things on my part and in collaboration with the couple or spouse who is leading the shoot, we discuss ideas.

From the concept, style, location, dates and time we would talk over all of these things much before the actual shoot.

Whether the style or concept is going to be the in a studio or on-location we cover potential location rental fees, style of clothing if it would be casual or formal and also the number of wardrobe changes.

Great shots and captures can be created from one look similar to the ones viewed on this page of Boris and Phebee, but you are certainly welcome to have more than one look.

The only thought will be depending on the location brainstorming a creative way to change. It may be that would have to drive near the nearest hotel, restaurant or clean gas station to do a quick attire change.

Engagement Photographer Omaha

Engagement Photographer Omaha

Creating Memorable Shots From The Engagement Photoshoot

Regardless, from my experience shooting with individuals planning ahead of time for simple things like this allow the shoot to be amazingly fun and produce fluid as well as unique shots. True emotion and expressions are extremely difficult to stage or fake.

I'm a friendly photographer and can be humorous sometimes, but at times... My jokes fall flat and only the crickets laugh. Planning for these little things will contribute to us creating memorable shots.

Engagement Photos Photographer

Engagement Photos Photographer

Looking To Book An Engagement Photographer?

Book me to capture your engagement photos and you will not be disappointed by the photographs you get in return. I pride myself in always being able to capture the best sides of people.

For years I've pushed myself to develop a great vision to be able to sport the best shooting angles for different individuals. I believe everyone does have a "best side", but it is not necessarily the left or right side like most usually think; sometimes is a certain angle or gestures that magnify people's beauty.

Engagement Photo Packages Start At $797

Rates for engagement photoshoots start at $797. You can visit the photography services page to see what you get for the price and other packages.


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