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Beauty Photographer

Hello, I am Kenal Louis, Creator of Beauty Photography Pro

Beauty Photographer | Event Photographer

Shooting with people is my preferred form of photography. I love the challenge of magnifying the beauty in individuals. I always believe that I can create the best photographs of an individual and capture them  better than the last photographer they worked with.

This is a boastful statement, but a statement to show how much I challenge myself to grow as a photographer. I have mutual respect for other photographers in regards to their perspective and how they shoot. However, I am confident in my ability as a creative photographer as well as an artist.

I am a creative dreamer who loves everything related to art, photography, and design. Over the past 5-7 years I've been fortunate to capture many individuals as well as unique memories for them. My work ranges from fashion/beauty photography to special events and wedding photography.

When I am not shooting with or for a client, I am producing personal artworks or editing photographs. Normally, I share my personal art either on Instagram or my art blog on

Beauty Photography Pro was created to be a beauty, fashion, and event photography service company. The website also features a diverse collection of my photography portfolio and is a reflection of my body of work as a professional photographer.

As you navigate through the website you will find a range of the type of photography I've done throughout the years. Photographs ranging from editorial beauty, wedding and portrait photography to various forms of event photography.

Beauty Photography Photographer
Photography Portfolio

Hobbies: Creating Personal Art and Fine Art Photography


Palm Beach Lakes Community High School | 2005 – 2008

  • West Palm Beach, Florida

Metropolitan Community College | 2009 – 2014

  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Electronic Imaging and Media Arts

Publication Credits: | 2016
Royalty Art Series

BASIC Magazine | 2016
Royalty Art Series
Beverly Hills Publication

  • i-fashion Magazine Spread feature October 2014 
  • NY FOCUS Magazine Cover 2014
  • Midwest Black Hair Magazine Cover February 2014
  • SWFL FOCUS Magazine Cover November 2013

Editorial Photography | Published Fashion Photography

A creative photographer will capture moments the average person not trained to capture will most likely miss. Creative photographers capture stunning photographs you may have never thought of were present your wedding or event.

Some of the most beautiful photographs featured in big publications are creative photos that spoke to the editors. Editors and publishers in every industry filter out low quality; from the Wedding Essential, The Knot, and Vogue down to the local magazine. They value quality and creatively well capture photographs.

Why You Should Hire Me For Your Event or Portrait?

There is nothing new underneath the sun. I truly believe in this saying, but there is constant innovation in our way of thinking as human beings. I push myself to always be innovative and pride myself on being creative a thinker.

12 Reasons Why I Am The Photographer For You

  1. Punctual! I show up early. "Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and late is Unacceptable!"
  2. I think outside the box.
  3. Believe in quality over quantity.
  4. I am an experienced artist and capture photos creatively as a photographer.
  5. Organization and preparation allow me to succeed at what I do.
  6. My name as well as reputation is important to me! If I have any doubt in my mind that I cannot deliver after our first consultation call, I will turn down the task.
  7. I believe in constantly developing my creative skills.
  8. Reliable: Responsibility and taking ownership is something I also believe in as a person.
  9. I am an expert at composition, framing, and perspective.
  10. Lighting is important to me. After all the foundation of photography is based on capturing light.
  11. I am a quick thinker and pick up things fairly quickly.
  12. Outgoing: As a photographer who enjoys capturing photos of people and events. I have to be positive, joyful, and not standoffish. This makes for a great experience for the people I am shooting as well as myself as an interactive photographer.
Creative Photographer - Event Photographer

Below are a list of some of my creative skills I've developed and become proficient at over the years. All of these other creative skills contribute to my photography skill set.

Creative Skills

  • Digital Painting
  • Drawing
  • Traditional Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photo Retouching

Creative Skills:

  • Technical: Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Collage, Digital and Film Photography, Photo Retouching, Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation, Digital Painting, Storyboarding
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Corel Painter, Maya 3D
  • Hardware: Wacom Tablets, Digital SLR Camera
  • Other Skills: Audio recording, Audio mixing, film photography, HTML/CSS, Pro Tools, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Flash

Creative Work History:

Kenalsworld | 2/2010 – Present
Omaha, Nebraska

Owner of Sole-proprietary | Artist

  • Design and conduct marketing and advertising services with products
  • Collaborate with other independent companies to complete lengthy projects
  • Close projects and increase sales
  • Album cover concept designs
  • Poster, Brochures Business Cards and Flyer Designs
  • Photo manipulation and blending
  • Photo-retouching
  • Content marketing
  • Video editing and composition through Premier Pro and After Effects
  • Search engine optimizing
  • Analytics and Niche Ad-targeting
  • Database entry in MySQL/Apache
  • Audio tracking and sound mixing

Placzek Studios | 4/2013 – 11/2014
Omaha, Nebraska

Graphic and Website Designer

  • Illustrate project concepts
  • Build and maintain website
  • Digital and print design work. Including presentation preparations with file management.
  • Sculpture Photography and photo editing
  • Landscape Photography and photo manipulation
  • Print advertising via postal mail
  • Newsletter, brochure, and online content marketing
  • Sculpture transportation
  • 3D-modeling construction and rendering