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"Allow me to capture you or your event and you'll have photographs that will forever be memorable. You will have captivating, beautiful, quality, and professional photos that you will treasure for years to come."

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Planning For An Event? Will You Be Hiring A Professional Photographer?

When planning for an event, one of the first things you consider is a photographer for the event, because memories are priceless and should be held onto.

However, most people do not understand that getting an event photographer is important, because of many not-so-important reasons.

Of course, you have an iPhone; of course, you can capture your memories yourself. Good for you. But have you also thought about the fact that you cannot be everywhere at the same time?

Moreover, there are important parts of the event that you might miss capturing because you were busy, and there goes all that beautiful memory. You might also think of using Cousin Bernie, who seems to know his way around the camera to save cost, but Cousin Bernie only has a camera, he is not a trained photographer.

Photographers like artists are storytellers, every picture they take has a back-story, and this why you need a professional photographer to handle the photography for your event.

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My Creative Skills

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Photography Investment

If you still think it is not a great investment as there are other things your money should go into as regards the event, well, here are a few reasons why hiring a photographer is a good investment. If you are an event planner the photos could serve as a great way to promote your body of work. If you are a mom or dad, the one photo captured of grandma can potentially become a family treasure for the generations to follow.

Quality Through Experience

Quality: Having quality pictures from your event is dependent on the equipment used for photography. The best must be what is given to you for your event, and quality photos rank top in the list of what could be regarded as ‘the best’.

There is not much that can be done about low-quality pictures, because the truth is, you got your money’s worth. A better option will be; paying for a professional photographer to make sure that when you are telling the stories about your event after the completion, you will be telling the stories with pictures that will not make your audience squint.

A Professional Photographer Is The Way To Go

Professionalism: Photographers understand that they are hired for serious business, so they take their job and your needs seriously. When using a professional photographer, you do not need to tell them when to take pictures, what moment to capture and where to get the right angles. These are things they already know because of instinct and experience.

Hire An Accountable Photographer

Accountability: If you hire Danny from the next block to photograph your event, be aware that you cannot hold him accountable if the pictures do not come out well or something else happens to them. In the end, you are going to end up losing whatever money you were trying to save by cutting cost.

 A professional photographer can be held accountable for whatever happens to the pictures taken by them because they have their name and reputation at stake. For this reason, they will make sure there are little or no complaints regarding their job.

A Credible Photographer You Can Trust 

Assurance: When a professional is handling a project for you, you are assured that things will come out well eventually. You do not have to keep looking over your shoulder throughout your event to be sure they are doing the right job, you just know they are. You did not just pay for photography, you paid for your peace of mind as well.

Freedom To Focus On Your Event With No Worries

Freedom: You can decide to socialize, network, and do all other event-related things when a great photographer is capturing your event. These things are quite important and should not be neglected; you would not like to miss out on a handshake with the governor because you were worried about the photography.

The penny-wise, pound-foolish analogy works perfectly with this situation. Here is how it goes; when you pay less or pay nothing to get an unprofessional to handle your event, you will end up paying more eventually to salvage the situation. The thing about photography is, it cannot be salvaged, eventually; you would have lost money and lost memories.

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Visit the photography portfolio on Beauty Photography Pro to views a selection of my body of work as a professional photographer. After viewing the portfolio, feel free to visit the services page if you haven't already for the list of photography services currently provide as well as photography prices.


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How We Can Meet In Person

I am available to meet a local tea or coffee shop in Omaha if you want to meet in person. If you are outside of Omaha or I am outside of the city you reside in, I am available to do a video conference call with you to discuss your event or event details. 

Do you have the venue for the event booked already?

If you would like to meet at the location of the event if it is any other place than your residential home or festival site ground, I am also available to meet at the venue for the event.

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To meet in person or schedule a video call because you want to see my beautiful face 🙂  Send me an email via the address listed below or call me today. 

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I am open to traveling for on-location shoots outside of Omaha. However, traveling fees are not included in photography services pricing listed on Beauty Photography Pro.

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