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Kansas City Wedding Photography

Kanas City Wedding Photographers  - Event Photography Kansas City - Wedding Photography Kansas City MO

Wedding Photography Kansas City - Event Photography Kansas City

Wedding Photography Kansas City - Event Photography Kansas City 

Photography by Kenal Louis

"Allow me to capture you or your event and you'll have photographs that will forever be memorable. You will have captivating, beautiful, quality, and professional photos that you will treasure for years to come."

Kansas City Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography | Kansas City Event Photographer

Kansas City Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography | Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Wedding Photographers | Wedding Photography | Kansas City Photographers


Beauty Photography Pro is a beauty, fashion, and event photography service company. On this web page, we have a diverse and extensive collection of my photography portfolio and an insight into my career as a professional photographer.

As you journey through the page, you are met with a beautiful array of photography throughout my years in the business. The photographs cover everything from editorial, wedding, portrait photography to various event photographs for everywhere I have been.

My passion for the arts, photography, and design has come a long way. As a working creative photographer for years, I have created this unique vision for capturing the beauty, fashion, and reaction of people in the moment.

My creative talents in being able to paint draw and visualize content for great composition has set me apart in creating impeccable photography work; some of which I have shared but the best are  reviews from my clients that it was their best picture ever.

Beauty Photography Pro | Professional Portrait and Event Photography

Looking for Kansas City wedding photographers? Among top Kansas City photographers  you will find for portrait, event, and wedding photography Kansas City have to offer.

The Photographer

Kenal Louis

Event Photographer Kansas City

Event Photographer Kansas City

Being a creative photographer has allowed me to put my best photography skills to test and create the best pictures in my work. It doesn’t matter if I am shooting a sophisticated fashion concept or capturing the faces for a portrait, I always aim to be better than my last shot.

Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Wedding Photographer - Event Photographer Kansas City

Wedding Photography Kansas City MO | Kansas City Wedding Photographer |  Beauty Photography Pro by Kenal Louis. Event photography and beauty portrait photography services.

Kansas City Beauty Photography Editorial

Kansas City Beauty Photography Editorial

Kansas City Photography Services | Kansas City Photographer

In addition to event and wedding photography, I also cover beauty and fashion order and many more. I also do a headshot, product, lifestyle, commercial and family portrait photography.

Aside from capturing moments and images, I do professional photo restoration and collage designs.

Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography

Beauty Portrait Photography Service

Beauty photography is a passion close to my heart, I love how I am able to capture the beauty in a session and make it more than meets the eyes.

The passion started when I took an introductory course in a local college for digital and film photography; it changed my life and vision forever.

And over the years, I have made beauty photograph that is more than the makeup, hair, and skin care industry to showcasing a client’s product and giving it an appeal that aims to capture the attention of the general public.

Editorial Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

Editorial Fashion Photography Service

I got to see how and what the fashion industry is all about at a fashion show held in Omaha, Nebraska. After been front and center of fashion shows for 3-4 years, I took a break to reassess my photography priorities. I also had the time to talk with fashion designers and jewelers who I featured in my former blog site.

Currently, I have created the best editorial photo portfolio from my association and work with models, fashion designers, hairstylist, and makeup artists.

Wedding Photography

Kansas City Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Service

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and every couple wishes that it will remain so. As a wedding photographer, I believe that being invited to capture the special moments of a couple’s day is the greatest honor anyone can receive.

As a rule, I take each wedding program seriously and put my best foot forward to ensure that the pictures not only represent the essence of the day but that they capture the memories effectively.

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photographer

You must have heard people say, “Take my good side please”, this sounds weird, but it is a common occurrence.

Some people are great with cameras and look amazing with every shot, others not so much hence the need for a photographer to do justice to your appearance.

With my services, you can be sure that your best angle will be clearly seen in the shot and portraits.

Special Event Photography

Kansas City Event Photography

Special Event Photographer Service

Are you looking to cover a special event or a milestone in your life? Whether it is for your sweet sixteen, quinceanera, a private or public concept or special exclusive party like a baby shower, bridal shower or private engagement party, I am the guy for it.

Although each event differs, I have had the honor of covering several events, and love the learning experience and the ability to create beautiful lasting memories through the lenses of my camera.

Family Portraits Photography


Family Portraits | Family Pictures Kansas City

Family pictures are the best gift any family can pass down to their generation; they are an educational tool that reminds the younger generation of their lineage and fun times in the family.

I love family portrait and growing up, I had quite a few taken, which are fun memories I will never forget. Looking through such old photographs makes me a bit nostalgic and glee with satisfaction. Those were the good old times of a family gone before us.

Event Photographer Kansas City| Kansas City Wedding Photographers | Kansas City Photographers

Design Photography Collage | Photomontage Photography

Design Photography Collage

Design Photography Collage

Photomontage Photography

Photomontage Photography

Photomontage Photography & Design Photography Collage

Over the years, I worked as a graphic designer too; this gave me the ability to perfect my skills in photomontage photography designs.

These photography design skills allow me to create unique web pages for my blog where I featured different musicians, and their music review while promoting their music online.

The photomontage is another skill that allows me to produce stunning and eye-catching photo designs for my clients.

Past Published Photography | Fashion Editorial Spreads

Fashion Editorial Photography Spread - Model Feature Tia Maria/Tia Dawson

Fashion Editorial Photography Spread - Model Feature Tia Maria/Tia Dawson

Editorial Photography Feature - Geisha Makeup & Hair by Omar Rodriguez

Editorial Photography Feature - Geisha Makeup & Hair by Omar Rodriguez

Are You Looking To Hire An Event Photographer? Why Hire A Creative Photographer?

Everybody can take a picture, but only a creative photographer can capture the authenticity of the moment. The creative photographer uses the lens to capture unique moments that accentuate your wedding day.

Many at times the pictures we see in big publications are creative photos that trigger their emotional side and skills.

The pictures in the publications have been filtered by the editors and publishers where the high-quality ones that meet the publisher’s requirements are then placed in the magazine. Whether the Wedding Essential, The Knot Vogue or a local magazine, quality and creativity play a role in choosing well-captured pictures that will be published.

Why You Should Hire Me For Your Event or Portrait?

I can give you a thousand and one reasons why you should hire me for your event or portrait or any other special moments where a creative photographer is needed.

My services go beyond clicking the camera but are a way to create a photographic content that encompasses the essence of the day and how to want it to feel like when you look at the pictures years later.

With my skills and passion, I am innovative, creative, and have the eye for capturing heartfelt images in any event.

Kansas City MO Photographers

Below are a list of some of my creative skills I've developed and become proficient at over the years. All of these other creative skills contribute to my photography skill set.

Creative Skills

  • Digital Painting
  • Drawing
  • Traditional Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photo Retouching

12 Reasons Why I Am The Photographer For You

Punctuality is the soul of every business, and you can be sure that I will be there on time as lateness is not part of my business policy.

            •           My photography skills are one of a kind

            •           Quality supersedes quantity

            •           I have the experience and creativity to capture excellent photography

            •           I am very organized and prepared for any situation or event

            •           I have built a name and reputation to satisfy my customers, and I will never allow a lackadaisical attitude to spoil it. So if I cannot deliver, I will inform you about my decision than fail to come for the event.

            •           I work with the latest tools to deliver excellent work to my clients

            •           I am constantly attending programs and courses to improve my skills and creativity

            •           I am reliable and responsible for all decision and the outcome of my work

            •           I have excellent composition, organization and framing skills

            •           Lighting is important as it is the foundation of all good photos

            •           I think on my feet and can come up with smart ideas immediately

            •           I am a social person. Years of working with different people, I enjoy capturing photos that tell a story about the people and the event. To do that effectively, I have built a positive, happy, and joyful mindset to make every event a great experience to me and my clients.

3 Examples My Other Creative Skills

Creative Skills

Creative Skills: Graphic Design - Digital Painting - Drawing

Beauty Photography Pro | Photography Portfolio by Kenal Louis

Visit the photography portfolio on Beauty Photography Pro to views a selection of my body of work as a professional photographer. After viewing the portfolio, feel free to visit the services page if you haven't already for the list of photography services currently provide as well as photography prices.

Wedding Photographer Kansas City MO | Event Photographer |  Kansas City Photographers

Photographer For Hire For Event Photography Or For Portraits

Enjoy the body and extent of my work with a visit through my photography portfolio. If I am still your option for the photographer to cover that special event, then proceed to visit the service page of my website for more information and prices of each service.

Contact Details

To meet in person or schedule a video call because you want to see my beautiful face 🙂  Send me an email via the address listed below or call me today. 

Phone number:

Days: Monday - Saturday
Hours: 9 AM -6 PM CST

Days: Sunday
Hours: 10 AM -4 PM CST

Email Address:

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I am open to traveling for on-location shoots outside of Kansas City. However, traveling fees are not included in photography services pricing listed on Beauty Photography Pro.

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