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Beauty Photography Pro was created to be a beauty, fashion, and event photography service company. The website also features a diverse collection of my photography portfolio and is a reflection of my body of work as a professional photographer.

As you navigate through the website you will find a range of the type of photography I've done throughout the years. Photographs ranging from editorial beauty, wedding and portrait photography to various forms of event photography.

I am very passionate about art, photography, and design. Working as a creative photographer for years, I have developed a unique vision for capturing beauty, fashion, and people in general.

My creative ability to paint, draw, and vision for great composition has allowed me to be able to create some beautiful photography. Photography that I myself love to showcase and have often had some past clients often tell me is their favorite photo ever.

Professional Photographer Omaha NE | Freelance Photographer in Omaha

Looking for professional Omaha photographer? Among the most creative Omaha photographers  you will find for portrait, event, and wedding photography Omaha have to offer.

Professional Photographer in  Omaha

Kenal Louis

Professional Photographer Omaha

As a  creative photographer I always aim to create the best work I possibly can.

 Whether I am taking a portrait or shooting an elaborate fashion concept. I am always challenging myself to capture the best work I've ever done.


Professional photographers, just like professionals of any other occupation, do their jobs for a living. Each time they work on a project, they put their reputations on the line; work hard to provide the best images the clients are happy to see, or risk being considered unworthy of the profession.

They strive to fulfill every client’s specific requirements and give the best results, because their continued employment depends on how well they deliver. Happy clients will probably recommend the photographers’ services to friends and families, meaning the professionals have the chance to work on more projects to earn a better living; that is the kind of motivation that your camera-owning friends do not have.

Vision and Artistry- Is The Photographer Creative?

Great wedding photographers know when and how to preserve split-seconds of glorious moments for eternity. They have well-trained eyes to recognize if something memorable is about to happen before it actually does. It takes a lot of training and experiences to make still images look alive. Every image is captured with great creativity; artistic considerations also come to play before the shutter button is pressed.

The color, lighting, contrast, line, composition, and all factors that may affect the final result are precisely calculated including the background. When you hire a local wedding photographer, you can also expect to get guidance on how to pose, position your feet and hands, and make the right gestures/facial expressions for every frame. The photographer will not stand in the exact same spot as well; a professional will “hunt” for the right images for the event in many places around the location to find the right angles and objects with the proper compositions.

The Money Question - Cost Is Always A Factor...Why?

At the end of the day, you must realize that a local photographer is essentially a business owner who sells services in the forms of still images. And just like every other business owner of any sector, the photographer also probably has some overhead costs for examples office rent, transportation, employees, and lifestyle to support or perhaps family to feed.

It shouldn’t be too surprising if the services of a professional photographer come at a price. A local wedding photographer has undergone years of training and accumulated tons of work experiences. It is a profession that requires dedication and a lot of hard works to achieve results of which the clients will approve.

Bear in mind that the photography you have can last for life; your children and grandchildren and generations to come can always look back to see and be amazed of how their family started. You cannot put a price on a memory, but you can afford to hire a proper professional photographer in Omaha to help you capture the stories and emotions to bring back all those good memories.

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Professional Photographers Omaha Nebraska
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Portrait Photography, Family Photography, Editorial Photography | Beauty Photography Pro by Kenal Louis.

Photography Portfolio by Kenal Louis

Visit the photography portfolio on Beauty Photography Pro to views a selection of my body of work as a professional photographer. After viewing the portfolio, feel free to visit the services page if you haven't already for the list of photography services currently provide as well as photography prices.


Should You Ask a Friend to Capture A Important Event Like Your Wedding?

Wedding ceremony is supposed to be something personal and special. It takes a long time to craft a proper plan, and even longer to decide whether or not you should actually get married to begin with. It is the part of life when you finally come to conclusion that you have had enough of single life and embrace a whole new role as your loved one’s eternal couple.  

Marriage is one of life’s most glorious moments; it is a life-changing decision, and that is why you want the ceremony to be as exciting and memorable as possible. There is no doubt that the ceremony is something to treasure throughout generations; it always exists in your heart and mind, yet good quality photographs will help you remember every single moment in pitch perfect details. This is where a professional local wedding photographer comes in.

In the kind of economy everybody lives in today, however, many times events as unforgettable as a wedding ceremony has to suffer from restricted budget. Unfortunately the photography part may fall victim to the cost-cutting process. A realistic example of this is when couples finally decide to ask some friends or families to handle the image-capturing tasks of the event

Photographer Skills

 Some people seem to whether overly-underestimate professional photography or overestimate the friends’ skills to a great extent. They do save money from having amateur photographers handle the jobs, but more often than not the quality of the images captured and the stories those images will tell are nowhere near the works of professionals.

There is always a possibility that you get improper lighting, wrong focal point, poor composition, blur from shaky hands, and worst of all no one captured some of the best moments in the entire ceremony. And then there is the problem with editing, which in the world of professional photography is indispensable in almost all cases.

In case you are also in the middle of a decision-making process, you should know that hiring a professional local wedding photographer is not that expensive; if you really consider the quality of the final works, you probably need no more convincing that it is money well-spent.

Do not save money by asking an amateur to do the job of a professional; save money by hiring a professional photographer from Omaha, Nebraska instead. A local photographer will most likely easier to communicate and work with, yet there is no need to cover for expensive fees for accommodation or transportation.

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How We Can Meet In Person

I am available to meet a local tea or coffee shop in Omaha if you want to meet in person. If you are outside of Omaha or I am outside of the city you reside in, I am available to do a video conference call with you to discuss your event or event details. 

Do you have the venue for the event booked already?

If you would like to meet at the location of the event if it is any other place than your residential home or festival site ground, I am also available to meet at the venue for the event.

Contact Details

To meet in person or schedule a video call because you want to see my beautiful face 🙂  Send me an email via the address listed below or call me today. 

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I am open to traveling for on-location shoots outside of Omaha. However, traveling fees are not included in photography services pricing listed on Beauty Photography Pro.

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