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Wedding Photographer Omaha NE - Nebraska Wedding Photographers

Beauty Photography Pro

"Welcome To Beauty Photography Pro"

Wedding Photography Omaha - Omaha Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Omaha - Omaha Wedding Photographers

Photography by Kenal Louis

"Allow me to capture you or your event and you'll have photographs that will forever be memorable. You will have captivating, beautiful, quality, and professional photos that you will treasure for years to come."

Omaha Wedding Photographers | Nebraska Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Omaha - Omaha Wedding Photographers


Nebraska Wedding Photographers - Event Photographer in Omaha

Omaha Professional Photographer

Omaha Professional Photographer


A beauty, fashion and event photography service company created to satisfy the needs of the everyday individual. Beauty photography pro has a website which features a diverse collection of my photography portfolio and directly reflects my body of work as a professional photographer.

The website exposes you to a wide range of photography types done by me; editorial beauty photography, event photography, wedding photography and portrait photography. All these have been garnered throughout the years of my photography career.

Beauty Photography Pro | Professional Portrait and Event Photography

The Photographer

Kenal Louis

Nebraska Wedding Photographers

Omaha Engagement Photographer

Omaha Engagement Photographer

Not all professional photographers in Omaha include all the necessary services, so it is in your best interest to as if the following items are included in the estimate:

  • Printing: digital photography has become the new standard, but it does not prevent some professional photographers to use the old-technology. With digital photography, you probably can choose to have only the digital files without any print, but it is not possible with film because the only way you can see the photographs is in their physical forms. Going digital simplifies works to a great extent indeed, although you may want to have a physical photo album nonetheless. This means you want to have both the digital files and the physical prints, which adds to the total cost. It may take hundreds of dollars to print an entire album. Assuming it costs just two dollars to print a single postcard-sized image, you will have to spend at least $100 to have a good collection of photos. Depending on the event, the number of physical prints may increase, hence the price. Printing rates from professional photographers in Omaha will not compete with instant services such as in convenience stores, but you get better quality in general.
  • Makeup and wardrobe: once again depending on the event or necessity, you may need to wear special wardrobe and make up. Most professional photographers also provide the services, for additional fee as well. Ask the photographer to give clear detailed estimate, because you probably can save money by hiring freelance makeup artist, but only if the photographer allows. A makeup artist hired by the photographer actually is better; chances are they have worked together for quite a while, so they know each other’s styles and preferences. Although they work for you, they want everything to be as efficient as possible without any hurdle in communication. When the works are done quicker and more efficient, you save a lot of time and energy.
  • Post-production: the cost for hiring professional photographer in Omaha should include post-production works. A good way to save money is to ask the photographer to do post-production process only for several images without printing. When there is fewer works to be done, the price should be more affordable.

Omaha Wedding Photographer - Event Photographer Omaha NE

Wedding Photographers in Omaha NE | Omaha edding Photographer |  Beauty Photography Pro by Kenal Louis. Event photography and beauty portrait photography services.

Omaha Photography Services | Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Beauty photography pro not only specializes in event and wedding photography for clients. Beauty and fashion photography are also included in my specialties. It should interest you to know that my forte is not solely limited to these forms of photography. Included in my area of photography are headshot photography, product, commercial, lifestyle, and family portrait photography. Professional photo retouching and photo collage designs are also part of my forte. A brief insight into the photography services offered has been provided below.


Beauty Photography

Beauty Photographer In Omaha NE

Beauty Portrait Photography Service

Editorial Fashion Photography

Omaha Fashion Photographer

Editorial Fashion Photography Service

Wedding Photography

Omaha Professional Photograpehrs

Wedding Photography Service

Working as a graphic designer gave me leverage to develop the unique ability to create photomontage photography designs. While handling my blog which featured musicians for music reviews, I created eye-catching images which promote their music. This inspired my interest in photo design and photomontage. These are major specialties I have come to include in my services.

Past Published Photography | Fashion Editorial Spreads

Fashion Editorial Photography

Fashion Editorial Photography Spread - Model Feature Tia Maria/Tia Dawson

Editorial Photography Feature

Editorial Photography Feature - Geisha Makeup & Hair by Omar Rodriguez

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Things to Consider When Hiring Professional Photographers in Omaha

Just because a friend of yours has just purchased a brand new DSLR, it doesn’t necessarily mean this friend can actually use it like a pro. Now this person can always refer to the user’s manual, but you don’t want to hire a photographer who has to read the camera’s operating instruction all the time. In this current digital age, people with cameras (or even smartphones) can market themselves as photographers. As long as there are enough photographs in their social media accounts, they are good to go. Whether or not they will get hired is an entirely different matter.

On the clients’ side, more thoughtful considerations are required before deciding to hire any photographer. Most (if not all) professionals will recommend that any client should develop working relationship with potential photographers to learn more about their track records and experiences. Sometimes it is also necessary to understand the specific fields of expertise of the photographers for examples wildlife, outdoor activities, family portraits, wedding, sports, children, etc.

When you are looking for professional photographers in Omaha

Suggestions from local photography organizations would be helpful

One of the first things to do is to check the photographers’ references. Reading online reviews is usually a good start, but it is not really an informed-decision if you hire one just because you like what you see in their online profiles and that previous clients gave flattery feedback. You have to meet in-person for a Q&A session to describe what you want and listen to what the photographers have to say.

Unfortunately it will take too much time and energy to see all local photographers one by one. An effective way around is to look for information from local photography organizations (if any). Almost all professional photographers’ organizations have their own code of ethics and standards of professionalism (therefore quality) that all members must uphold. There can be trade shows and conventions in which members showcase their best images. Look for the search boards to find highly-rated photographers.

You can also search for such organizations, communities, or groups on social media. Join the community and ask around for recommendations. Chances are you will get many (and sometimes conflicting) advice from social media; this is why you cannot just call the first name someone else recommends. Cross check the suggestion by visiting the photographer’s own profile or website.

Understand the niche

As mentioned earlier, experienced photographers have developed specific fields of expertise for examples wedding, sports, wildlife, fashion, travelling, commercial photography, product images, etc. Everything may look the same for you, but there are real differences in the technicalities from one niche to another such as in lighting, composition, and equipment required. Some photographers still like to work using old-fashioned film, while others are more comfortable with digital cameras. Understand what you need, and then narrow down the search based on the specialization.


Hiring professional photographers in Omaha doesn’t have to be expensive. Prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Budget has always been a primary concern, so it is best discuss price ahead of time. Most studios and freelance photographers offer various packages of service. A simple photography project can cost around $100 but a big event such as wedding or outdoor wildlife photography can be ten times more expensive due to logistic requirements, transportation, accommodation, and time table.

If you are limited on budget, don’t hesitate to discuss the concern with the photographer. At the very least, the photographer can give recommendation on what package to take, but you also have to manage your expectations. You certainly cannot expect premium quality and services for a low budget.

Wedding Photographer in Omaha NE

Below are a list of some of my creative skills I've developed and become proficient at over the years. All of these other creative skills contribute to my photography skill set.

Creative Skills

  • Digital Painting
  • Drawing
  • Traditional Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photo Retouching
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The copyright issue

Depending on the theme or objects of the photography, you may wish that the photographer does not publish the images anywhere, both on social media and their websites as samples or portfolio. However, the copyright of images is legally owned by the person who creates it. Unless you have a written legally-binding agreement regarding the ownership of the images, the photographer retains the right. As a client, you do not own the images; you are only licensing them.

Even if you are the only object of the photograph, remember that the works of a photographer are not just pressing the shutter button and transferring the files to a flash drive. The job requires an expertise in post-processing too, which certainly takes much more efforts than pressing a button. You hire a photographer for all the skills in producing good quality images, not the ability to push a button.

Reshoot policy

It always helps to communicate what you really want the images to show before hiring. A photographer who cannot fulfill the hiring contract should provide contingency plans to keep the clients satisfied; the best way to do it is by giving a reshoot.

You must remember, however, that there is a gray area in which a photograph is technically correct but still it isn’t exactly the way you want it to be. In such case, the photographer is not bound by any obligation to provide a reshoot. Some professionals are actually willing to do it anyway because for them customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. Have an extensive discussion about the conditions under which reshoot will be available and if there is additional fee involved.

Aware of additional fees

Hiring a professional photographer is like purchasing a brand new laptop. The price you pay is mostly for the hardware components, with probably a few additional applications. You need to spend more money to make the laptop fully functional including operating system and all the programs you need to use for examples word-processing, spreadsheet, multimedia files player and editor, games, and so on.

Finally before signing the contract, ask the photographer if there is anything you should bring or prepare to the photo-shoot session. Of course no photographer will ask you to bring cameras or any kind of equipment, but perhaps there are certain items required based on the theme or purpose. For example in product photography, you will have to prepare the products; for pet photography, you must take and groom the animals first, and so on.

All in all, hiring a professional photographer in Omaha is just like working with professionals of any other occupation. Get all the details right beforehand, so you can work together more comfortably with the professional.

Beauty Photography Pro | Photography Portfolio by Kenal Louis

To view a selection of my professional works, visit the photography portfolio on the Beauty Photography Pro website and visit the services page for information on photography services I offer and their prices.

Photography Services

  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photomontage

Wedding Photographer Omaha NE | Event Photographer |  Omaha Photographers

Photographer For Hire For Event Photography Or For Portraits

Enjoy the body and extent of my work with a visit through my photography portfolio. If I am still your option for the photographer to cover that special event, then proceed to visit the services page of my website for more information and prices of each service.

Contact Details

To meet in person or schedule a video call because you want to see my beautiful face 🙂  Send me an email via the address listed below or call me today. 

Phone number:

Days: Monday - Saturday
Hours: 9 AM -6 PM CST

Days: Sunday
Hours: 10 AM -4 PM CST

Email Address:

Nearby Photography service Cities

I am open to traveling for on-location shoots outside of Omaha. However, traveling fees are not included in photography services pricing listed on Beauty Photography Pro.

Omaha, Nebraska
Travel To Shoot Radius: 60 Miles
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Omaha, NE 68135

Latitude: 41.2565° N
95.9345° W

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Wedding Photographer in Omaha Nebraska| Omaha Wedding Photographers
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